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Raven Creature [userpic]
bfa programs
by Raven Creature (ravencreature)
at April 25th, 2009 (02:23 pm)

Can anyone recommend schools with good BFA programs? I am particularily interested in schools that have 100% online classes. So far, the Academy of Art Institute in San Francisco is at the top of my list.


Posted by: Amelia is a verb (chewt0y)
Posted at: April 27th, 2009 04:39 am (UTC)
depends on

depends on what you want your focus to be. Also why would you want all online classes? I know of several bay Area art schools, but it all depends on what direction you'd like your degree to run to.

Posted by: Raven Creature (ravencreature)
Posted at: May 1st, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
Re: depends on

I am planning on getting into a Masters program in Library and Info Sciences, and need a Bachelor degree in order to apply. Having only an AA, I figure since I want to learn more about art and need to get a Bachelor degree anyway, I may as well get a BFA, something that will not only help me as an (already accomplished) artist, but also allow me to teach art, should I choose to do so, in the future.

I am really only interested in online schools as I am not willing to relocate outside of my home (New Orleans) and, since I really want the piece of paper that says I have the BFA as well as the learning more about the art of painting and getting a good, rounded art education.

I wanted to rehash all the above as I believe I have found the right school, with the right programs. The Academy of Art University in San Francisco seems to have a great program, and I can focus my degree in painting with online video classes, so that is what I am going for.

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