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Selling Off my entire Print Gocco system and acces
by diana (dianawolf)
at July 5th, 2010 (02:58 pm)

I'm selling a huge lot of Print Gocco including the machine, printer inks etc.
This is one lot- Not breaking up unless it goes to auction.

PrintGocco is a very cool, easy, simple printing tool to print on fabric, paper etc.
You could create your own fabric by printing motifs on either solid or printed fabrics. Great for art-wear, (creat aqppliques or print directly onto already made clothing) art quilting (make your own One of a Kind quilt blocks)
Make fabric books/journals-cards etc.

All of which I intended but haven't gotten to and now need the cash too much to keep it for "someday."

This is a private sale but will list on etsy for buyer if buyer prefers purchasing through a safe venue. Thanks.

I need money quickly before my electricity is turned off!- so I am going to bite the bullet and sell my whole gocco outfit.
Here is what I have:
1. B6 Hi Mesh printer and lamp housing. Gently used- I only burned 2 screens.
2. 8 Hi Mesh screens
3. 3 sleeves of 10 bulbs= 30 bulbs
4. Blue Filter
5. photo-screen
6. 2 card drying racks
7. ink blocking foam
8. Riso Correction Fluid
9. 2 (large?) tubes of screen cleaner
10.8 ink cones
11. 12 full tubes of Riso-Gocco printing ink for paper
2 black
Plus 4 tubes with the boxes written in Japanese
so I'll name the colors as I see them.
a spring kind of green- (mossy-apple-ish-chartrues-y?)
a midnight or indigo blue
an "old dusty rose" or lavender-ish I think

12. 4 partially used tubes from my experiments. Plenty left in them.


13. B-6 stamp kit for cloth includes the stamp pad with grips and 5 tubes of Gocco ink for cloth. Perfect for printing your own original quilt blocks.
I bought for doing mixed media fabric art- This has been used once just to see how it worked.
It did- I didn't! LOL
I experimented with the paper ink on fabric- seemed to work fine. I set with iron and hand washed- looked fine.
14. Carbon marker

I'm asking $320.00 for the whole shebang which includes shipping
Its a pretty good deal considering the price of Gocco supplies.
I usually like to do these sales as whoever contacts me first gets first crack, then second etc. But this time I have to do it as whoever can pay me first gets the stuff.
Sorry, but I'm desperate.
I haven't taken pix yet- will later today.

will be posting on a couple of groups so sorry for the cross post if you belong to them.
Will also be listing on etsy later- probably tomorrow at some point.

Might have a couple of Polaroid cameras for transfers, a windsor (like dianacamera) with a flash and a daylab jr. for sale next week.
trying to make up my mind.

Don't forget I have collage sheets on etsy- have some new ones coming later today.(or tomorrow)
Use them to print on fabric or transfer paper.

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